Travel Health Clinics Brochure

Planning a Trip?

Everyone knows that planning a trip abroad involves passports, traveller's cheques, clothes and luggage. But there is another important component that is often forgotten...Health!

Are vaccinations required or recommended for the country to which you are travelling? What are the health risks?

What to do before your trip:

Travel Health Clinics provide vaccinations and health counselling for travellers.

bulletContact a local international travel health clinic
bulletObtain information about health risks for your area of travel from the clinic
bulletAppointments are necessary at most travel clinics
bulletBook well in advance of your departure as some vaccinations may require a series of injections
bulletThere is often a service and vaccination fee

Where Are Your Local Travel Health Clinics Located?

Your regional health authority or the yellow pages should have a listing of travel health clinics in your area.

The Health Canada Website: has a list of addresses and phone numbers of travel clinics across Canada.

What Can A Travel Health Clinic Do For You?

Travel Health Clinics

Services Provided:

Preventative Health Care

bulletReducing the risk of traveller's diarrhea
bulletManaging a traveller's diarrhea when it does occur
bulletMosquito and other insect protection
bulletSun safety
bulletAltitude sickness
bulletSexually transmitted diseases
bulletMotion Sickness
bulletJet-lag prevention
bulletTravellers with special health concerns
bulletTravelling with children

Travel Health Clinics

Vaccinations Provided:

Yellow Fever (may not be provided by all travel health clinics)
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Japanese Encephalitis
Other Specialized Vaccines

Travel Health Clinics

Special Services Provided:

bulletRecommendations for medications to help prevent malaria
bulletAntibiotic medication recommendations
bulletRecommendations for a travel health kit

Qualifications of Travel Health Clinics

The "Committee to Advise on Tropical Medicine and Travel" provided Health Canada with guidelines for the practice of travel medicine in December 1999. The Committee states that International Travel Health Clinics or physicians who provide travel health advice should:

bulletProvide regular travel consultations as part of their practice
bulletHave current knowledge about disease transmission, travel related drugs and vaccines, and prevention and management of diseases
bulletHave up to date information on infectious and non infectious diseases around the globe
bulletConduct a thorough assessment of your travel risks and a basic health assessment
bulletRecommendations should be based on current information fromt Health Canada, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta

It Makes Sense to Obtain the Best Travel Health Advice before your Trip!


The Alberta Association of Travel Health Professionals (AATHP) has sponsored this pamphlet.
Alberta Association of Travel Health Professionals is a non-governmental professional association formed in November 1996. AATHP exists to provide professional support to travel health providers by meeting the following objectives:

bulletTo raise awareness of travel clinic services within the travel industry and the public
bulletTo improve access to information among providers of pre-travel health services
bulletTo provide workshops and other continuing education
bulletTo facilitate communication among providers of travel health services in Alberta


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